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Newborn Feeding Bottle

Newborn Feeding Bottle

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Introducing our 90ML Safe Newborn Feeding Bottle, the ultimate solution for hassle-free feeding!

Crafted with safety and convenience in mind, this innovative feeding bottle features a silicone squeeze feeding spoon, making mealtime a breeze for both you and your little one. Say goodbye to messy spills and fussy feedings – our bottle's ergonomic design ensures easy handling and precise feeding every time.

Perfect for milk, purees, and all your baby's favorite foods, this versatile bottle doubles as a training feeder and food supplement dispenser. Whether you're at home or on the go, our compact and durable design makes feeding on demand a cinch.

With your baby's well-being at the forefront, our feeding bottle is made from safe and reliable materials, ensuring gentle care for delicate gums and mouths. Trust in quality, trust in convenience, trust in our 90ML Safe Newborn Baby Feeding Bottle Toddler for happy, healthy feeding experiences every day. 

Material: Silicone Bottle, PP SpoonSize: About 5*20CMCapacity: 90MLHeat resistance: 120℃Recommended age: 1-6 months baby

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